Giuseppe Verdi birthplace

Busseto - Via Giuseppe Verdi, 1 (località Roncole Verdi)

Giuseppe Verdi birthplace


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Always open
March to October: from Tuesday to Sunday from 9.30-12 and 15-18. November to February: Saturday, Sunday and festivities 9.30-17.15; on weekdays by pre-booking calling +39 052492487.


Telephone: +39 0524 97450
INFOLINE: +39 0524 92487

Giuseppe Verdi was born in the evening of 10th October 1813 in Roncole Verdi, a small village in the country, 5 Kms southeast of Busseto.
In this modest building, located at a crossroads in the centre of the village, his father ran an inn and an attached grocery store, while his mother was a spinner. According to recent studies, the Verdis were a family of small landowners who were not illiterate. Yet, the sight of the unadorned and unfurnished rooms does not fail to touch the visitors at the thought of the triumphant goals achieved by the composer.
In 1913, the centennial of his birth, a bronze bust by G. Cantù was placed in the small garden in front of the house.

Source: local Staff Parma


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