National archaeological museum

Parma - Piazza della Pilotta, 5

National archaeological museum


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red. from 18 to 25 years 2 €, free under 18 and over 65, high school students and teachers, university students of the humanities, disabled and carers, journalists and tour guides.


Always open
November 2011 to May 2012: Tuesday to Friday 9-17 and Saturday 9-15, Sunday and holidays 12.30-19.30. Last admission half an hour before.


Telephone: +39 0521 233718
FAX: +39 0521 386112
INFOLINE: +39 0521 218889


The Tabula Alimentaria of Emperor Trajan, containing directions for the maintenance of poor children, had been discovered there by chance and is still exhibited in the museum.


During the French rule, at the beginning of the 19th century, it was stripped of its most prestigious items, which were to be returned only after the Congress of Wien. Under Marie Louise, the collections were extended thanks to important purchases. Since the Unity of Italy, it has also housed a study and research center in the field of Paleontology.

The collections are currently displayed on two floors: the first floor houses the finds from Veleja as well as the non-local Greek, Roman and Etruscan sculptures, ceramics, glassware and coins; the ground floor houses the pre and protohistoric sections and the one concerning Parma and the surrounding area in the Roman period.

A room on the first floor is dedicated to the Egyptian collection, including a limestone fragments of the Tomb of Amenemone from Menphis (1405-1370 BC).

Easy access for disabled people by calling the number +39 0521233718 or +39 0521282787.

L'Arte ti fa gli auguri: free access to the museum on your birthday showing the identity card to the tocket office. For further information


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