Chiaravalle della Colomba Abbey

Chiaravalle della Colomba - Via Centro, 35

Chiaravalle della Colomba Abbey




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It was with no doubt one of the most active Cistercian centres in Italy.The 13th century porch, the romanesque church with its beautiful frescoes and the marvellous gothic cloister are still visible. The architectural complex has a classical benedictine plan: with orthogonal and oriented elements, that might be enlarged following a chequered pattern.
The gothic cloister dates back to the 14th century.It represents the best quality example of the first cycle of works. It was the only one preserved in an out of town contest in Emilia Romagna's apennines. It has a square plan and each side is supplied with 96 small arches supported by 130 twin columns made of pink marble from Verona.

Source: local Staff of Piacenza

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