Equestrian statues to Farnesi

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Equestrian statues to Farnesi




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The two equestrian monuments represent Ranuccio and Alessandro Farnese and were carried out by Francesco Mochi with the aim to be located in the Square in front of Palazzo Gotico (Gothic Palace), known as Piazza"dei Cavalli" ("Horse" square), where they are still located nowadays. The artist from Montevarchi (near Arezzo), is one of the first baroque authors. His works are inspired by the old statues of fighters on horse back (Marc’Aurelio) and by the sculptures by the Flemish artist Juan de Boulogne (Giambologna), who had carried out "Neptune Fountain" in Bologna .
The first statue to be finished was that of Ranuccio (1612),and its design reminds us of the monument to Gattamelata by Donatello and Colleoni by Verrocchio. The statue representing Alessandro, on the other hand, is definitely in Baroque style.
The platforms are decorated by two bronze slabs representing allegories of Good Rule and two scenes taken from the Battle of Flanders, where Alessandro Farnese died.
At the feet of the monument four cupids support the coat of arms of Piacenza.

Source: local Staff of Piacenza

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