Farnese Palace Municipal Museum

Piacenza - Piazza Cittadella, 29

Farnese Palace Municipal Museum


Entry price: € 6.00
Red. € 4.50; Schools € 3.00. Includes: Art Gallery, Sec. Fasti Farnese, Sec. Medieval and Renaissance, Sec. Weapons, Sec. Ceramics and glass, Sec. Sculptures and Inscriptions, Risorgimento Museum, Archeological Museum, Museum of Carriages.


Always open
From Tuesday to Saturday. 8:45-13 Fri and Sat. also 15-18 Holiday Opening Times: 9.30-13 / 15-18


Telephone: +39 0523 492662
FAX: +39 0523 492659
INFOLINE: +39 0523 492658

In the stucco apartment theres a cycle about the Fasti Farnesiani (17th century), with remarkable paintings by Giovanni Evangelista Draghi; the cycle depicting Episodes of Paolo 3rd life by Sebastiano Ricci; frescoes dating back to 14th and 15th century, namely stories about Santa Caterinas life, sculptures dating back to 12th-14th centuries, among which precious romanesque works attributed to Piacenzas School, the prophets David ed Ezechiel (13th century) and the Benvegnù (first half of the 14th century), very rare example of figurative relief with vulgar inscription. The famous Etruscan Divinatory Liver is displayed here.
The entrance ticket also includes guided tours at the following times of day: Tue. Wed.,and Thur. 10.00 am Fri. 10.00 am- 3.30 pm Sat. and Sun. 9.30 am - 11.00 am - 3.00 pm - 4.30 pm Guided tours last about 1,30 hours
It's possible to purchase a unique entrance ticket to the following museums Municipal museums/ Ricci Oddi Gallery/Alberoni Art Gallery: Whole fare euro 13,73 / discount fare euro 10,53 Municipal Museums/Ricci Oddi allery:Whole fare euro 8,33 / reduced fare euro 6,48

Source: local Staff of Piacenza

Foto: archivio Aptservizi

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