Governator's Palace

Piacenza - Piazza Cavalli, 1

Governator's Palace




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Built in 1787 upon a project of the architect Lotario Tomba, its got a horizontal development and is in Neoclassical style: horizontal plain rustication, pedimental windows, balcony with statues representing mithological gods and decorative vases. The groundfloor loggia is now used for commercial purposes, but in the past it was open. On the left side of the faþade theres a sundial, on the right side theres a perpetual calendar:they were installed in 1793 by G. F. Barattieri from S. Pietro, a physician from Piacenza who was expert in Newton and Mechanics. Its presently hosting the Chamber of Commerce. Possibility of visiting the inner ward and the part hosting the Chamber of Commerce.

Source: local Staff of Piacenza

Pic of westminzer in CC

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