Podestà Palace

Castell'Arquato - Piazza del Municipio

Podestà Palace




Always open
Visible only from outside


Telephone: +39 0523 804011
FAX: +39 0523 803215
INFOLINE: +39 0523 803215

The double loggia dates back to 1447 . It's got a very complex structure, made of several fire brick architectural volumes supported by a three storey building. This is the 13th century part of the building, with a Ghibelline crenellation imitating the 4 original ones. Under a wide arch there's a memorial.
The palace is currently hosting the Municipal Council but is also the location of exhibitions, weddings, lectures and meetings. Between the windows, the coat of arms of Comunitas Castri Arquati: two lions leaning on the walls of the crenellated castle.

Source: local Staff of Piacenza

Pic Max Short in CC

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