Butterflies House & Co.

Milano Marittima - Viale Jelenia Gora 6/d

Butterflies House & Co.


Entry price: € 8.00
For reductions and free tickets call Cooperativa Atlantide.


Mar, Oct and Nov: Tue to Sun: 9.30-12.30 / 14.30-17 May and Sept.: Tue to Sun: 9.30-12.30 / 14.30-18 Jun, Jul, Aug: daily 9.30-12.30 / 14.30-19 * Times vary to suit the needs of butterflies


Telephone: +39 0544 995671
FAX: +39 0544 998308
INFOLINE: +39 0544 965806


Milano Marittima's Butterfly House, one of the rare examples in Italy, was opened in July 2003 and is run by Cooperativa Atlantide of Cervia. It consists of an air conditioned green house of over 500 square metres reproducing the typical rainforest environment. Every week, within the greenhouse, hundreds of chrysalises find the best environmental conditions to complete their development and turn into colourful butterflies which fly free, eat and often end their vital cycle by layng eggs, so that it is possible to watch all the different steps of the metamorphosis (egg- larva and pupa - butterfly).
Several species of exotic plants and animals share the habitat of the greenhouse with the butterflies (chamaleons, iguanas, adamantine turtle doves, bob whites) and together create a true ecosystem.
The greenhouse is integrated with a multifunctional building, housing a permanent educational exhibition on the world of insects and invertebrates, an educational equipped room and a wide theme shop.
In 2005 new fish species were introduced in the little lake inside the greenhouse and outside the house a botanic track was created with local plants typical of Cervia's pinewood.
In 2006 a new house was built next to the Butterfly House; it is the Insects House inhabited by bees, ants, ladybirds and other kinds of insects and invertebrates.

further details
The Butterflies House belongs to Cervia Municipality and it was built with the support of the Emilia Romagna Region. It is organised by Atlantide, a Cervia association dealing with the environment.


Source: local Staff of Cervia

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