Goldoni Theatre

Bagnacavallo - Piazza Libertà, 18

Goldoni Theatre




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Telephone: +39 0545 64330
INFOLINE: +39 0545 280898

Bagnacavallo used to have a theatre also in the early XVIII century. It was a wooden structure located inside the present Palazzo Abbondanza. In 1839, the Municipality decided to built a new theatre hall overlooking the main square, right next to the townhall, on the area formerly occupied by Palazzo Brandolini. The design was commissioned to the Bolognese architect Filippo Antolini and the theatre was inaugurated in 1845.
The interior is decorated with frescos by Francesco Migliari from Ferrara (boxes' parapets and vaults) and with stuccos of the Bolognese Antonio Tognetti.
On the sides of proscenium there are six medallions in gilt wood depicting famous people born in Bagnacavallo or in some way connectected to the town.
The original curtain, painted by Antonio Muzzi depicts "Senator Camillo Gozzadini's visit to Bartolomeo Ramenghi".

The theatre has about 400 seats all together in the stalls, in three tiers of boxes and in the galley.

In 1907 the theatre was named after the famous playwright Carlo Goldoni. His father lived in Bagnacavallo where he worked as a doctor.
In the early XX century it was regarded as a privileged hall for operas' performing. Today it houses a high quality prose season (often including national premieres) and concerts.



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