Herbs' Garden

Casola Valsenio - Via del Corso 2/1

Herbs' Garden


We organize guided thematic tours subject to charges for groups by appointment.


Always open
Jun, Jul, Aug: weekdays 9-12 / 14-16.30, Sat 16-18.30, 16-18.30 and holidays 10-12. Apr, May, Sep, Oct: weekdays 9-12 <7 14-16.30, Sat 15-17.30, 15-17.30 and holidays 10-12 Nov to Mar: weekdays 9-12 / 14-16


Telephone: +39 0546 73158
FAX: +39 0546 73158


It is the property of the Emilia Romagna region and since 2000 has been managed by the Municipality of Casola Valsenio with the collaboration of the Cooperativa Montana Valle del Segno and the Local societies. It was created in 1938 by Prof. Augusto Rinaldi Ceroni, who at the time was director of the local agricultural school. He obtained permission to use a small plot of land next to the school as an experimental botanical garden on a piece of land given to the school by the Municipality for the students to practise on. It became part of the Museum system of the Province of Ravenna in 2003 and the Garden has always played an important didactic and informative role, guaranteeing the conservation of over 400 species of medicinal and aromatic herbs, autochthonous and non. Today the Herb Garden occupies about 4 hectares of land and is a permanent exhibition of aromatic, medicinal, essence, cosmetic and melliferous plants.


Additional notes: The Herb Garden every year holds the event "Grass in flower". In addition every Friday in the months of July and August, on occasion of the Mercatino, the Pro-loco tourist office organizes guided visits to the Garden.


Source: locel Staff of Terre di Faenza

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