Museo Civico delle Cappuccine

Bagnacavallo - via Vittorio Veneto 1/a

Museo Civico delle Cappuccine




Always open
Winter: from Tuesday to Sunday, 10-12 / 15-18 Summer: from Tuesday to Sunday, 10 -12 / 16-19 Guided tours for groups of minimum 10 and maximum of 30 people by appointment.


Telephone: +39 0545 280911
FAX: +39 0545 280921
INFOLINE: +39 0545 280913


The former convet of the Cappuccine nuns hosts the Museo Civico Le Cappuccine with the Natural History Museum "P. Bubani", the ancient and modern painting collection and the prints collection with old and contemporary engravings and the Public Library "G. Taroni" which preserves an old archive and a collection of contemporary books and magazines with the historical archives of local documents.


The works of art and the several collections housed in the museum come mainly from the donations of the charity association "Opere Pie Raggruppate", but also private donations and churches of the territory have contributed to enrich its heritage.

The Museum includes:
- the Science and Nature section covers all sectors of natural history with materials collected mainly in Romagna;
- the Art Gallery contains old works dating from the XV to XVIII century. Worth of mention are works by Ramenghi, Lilio, Mitelli and "Mirandolese". The Modern Art section preserves works by Treccani, Brindisi, Guidi, beside a rich collection of drawings and paintings by Enzo Morelli;
- the old and modern prints collection houses over 1000 ancient engravings by Durer, Della Bella, Hogarth and a relevant number of contemporary engravings (over 6000 pieces).




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