Oratory of S. Andrea - Archiepiscopal Chapel

Ravenna - Piazza Arcivescovado

Oratory of S. Andrea - Archiepiscopal Chapel


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only cumulative: New S.Apollinare, Neonian, San Vitale, Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Museum and Chapel of the Archbishop. Reduced € 8.50, free for children under 10 years.


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until 31 March 9 - 17:30 from 1st April 9 to 19. The ticket office closes 30 minutes before


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Built as a private chapel during the reign of Theodoric, king of the Ostrogoths, by bishop Peter II the chapel, in the form of a cross, has a vestibule fully faced with marble on the lower part and with mosaic decoration on the upper. It is the only Orthodox monument built during the reign of Theodoric, when the predominant religion was Arian. The mosaic iconography is of great interest: the Glorification of Christ, whose figure dominates every part of the mosaic decoration, may be interpreted as an anti-Arian element and the representations of the Martyrs are a clear statement of orthodoxy.

The mystery of the duckling
The visitor to the narthex of the Chapel of Sant'Andrea is struck by the vigorous representation of Christ the warrior and the Latin poem which celebrates the splendour of the mosaic in its verses. On the wall to the left however, the mosaics depict an entire park full of small birds such as starlings, pheasants and ducklings, the fauna of the pinewoods of Ravenna which are reproduced here on these walls. Small and hidden in the decorations amid the menagerie, there is a small tender duckling with a strange feature. One foot is black and the other is red. What could the answer to the mystery of this duckling be?

Source: local Staff of Ravenna


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