Palazzo San Giacomo

Russi - Via Carrarone Rasponi

Palazzo San Giacomo




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Telephone: +39 0544 587670
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Palazzo San Giacomo is located nearby the right bank of the river Lamone. It was built at the end of the XVI century by the Counts Rasponi from Ravenna as their Summer mansion house and it is one of the most beautiful in Romagna.


Palazzo San Giacomo, also known as "il Palazzaccio", is mentioned in some documents as the palace with 366 windows. Probably it was built on the ancient ruins of the Medieval castle of ‘Raffanara’, which was destroyed during the fights between the towns of Ravenna and Faenza.

Next to the palace, the church, dedicated to San Giacomo was built in the secont half of the XVIII century upon a project redesigned by Cosimo Morelli. It hosts the graves of cav. Federico Rasponi and his wife the marquise Guerrieri Gonzaga.



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