Roman Villa

Russi - via Fiumazzo, 25

Roman Villa


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The Roman Villa is in via Fiumazzo, about 2km from the town centre. Excavations started in 1938 and revealed a settlement of more than 3,500 square metres that was active between the Augustan Age and the IV century. Built in the 1st century AD it was continuously inhabited till the middle of the 4th century. It includes the villa, spas, the kitchen and a wide workshop area.


The origin of the settlement is dated towards the end of the first century B.C., but the most active period in which the villa developed and grew was between the I and the II century A.D.. The villa is sorrounded by an arcade and has two peristyles; it's divided in two parts: from one side the residential part, which is decorated with beautifully elegant mosaics, on the other side the working area, made of buildings which reflects rural activities. Recently, archaelogical excavations have found also the thermal baths area.

The villa is sorrounded by a green area, a preserved natural environment of about 13 hectares. In the villa's area there's a didactic space for education activities.

The local "Museo Civico", which is located inside Russi's stronghold "Rocca del Castello", hosts a Collection of archaeological findings from the villa which include everyday tools, wall decorations and other objects illustrating how life used to be at the time.




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