TAMO All the Adventure of Mosaic - St. Nicolò Complex

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TAMO All the Adventure of Mosaic - St. Nicolò Complex


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The new permanent project set up at the St. Nicholas is an exhibit Complex of innovative, versatile and multi-faceted mosaic that tells what it was and is, what is done is done and how to keep it.
In the exhibition, as well as mosaics of rare value, in part unpublished, from Ravenna and its territory, the museum is developed with the help of cutting-edge multimedia tools, tables and touchless touchscreen, you can discover in an interactive way both the process of creation of the mosaic, interactively exploring an ancient site, a workshop and a laboratory of the nineteenth century contemporary, both its geographical spread.
The fascinating history of the mosaic is told through different thematic routes: the mosaic floors, the light, the ecclesia, and the palatium domus and then the techniques and tools, boxes, materials and casts. Video and wireless links to additional multimedia content complete knowledge of mosaic art, creating a workshop and exhibition space with a able to appeal to all senses of the visitor, with an emotional and thrilling use.
The tour is accompanied by a spectacular architectural projection in a church, St. Nicholas, who appears in all its beauty thanks to the unprecedented and spectacular new solution of the preparation.

The construction of the church of S. Nicolò, dedicated to the bishop of Myra the patron of Bari, started during the second half of the 13th century together with the adjoining monastery, as the home in Ravenna of the order of Augustine Hermits. The new building replaced the 8th century church of S. Nicolò "dei Britti" or S. Nicolò "in vineis" located not far off outside the city walls. The appearance of the church underwent substantial modification and at the end of the 17th century the two chapels of Saint Augustine and Saint Monica were frescoed with architectural details and seven altar-pieces were produced. These decorations were executed by the Augustine father Cesare Pronti, a student of Guercino, born in Cattolica in 1626 with the name of Bacciocchi and extremely active in Ravenna and who was buried in San Nicolò in 1708. The work of the church and the convent continued until 1866. The hall used for worship, used at first as a deposit for machinery, was later sold to the Ministry of War which used it as a military riding school. Unfortunately a continual process of plundering the building took place and apart from the restoration of the unsafe bell-tower (1911-12), the thefts continued until 1921 when the church was changed to a military garage and remained so for the following decades.
It was only in 1983 that the San Nicolò Complex became municipal property and came under the care of the Superintendency of Environmental Heritage of Ravenna with a systematic restoration campaign which resulted in some important finds.
The building today is only partially distinguishable as it is hidden on the right side by the former convent while the entire apse area is enclosed by the garden of a private house.

Source: local Staff of Ravenna


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