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Via degli Asini




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In about one thousand years of honoured service, this old street, elevated and illuminated by half arches of different widths, has had the function of a block of flats, a pedestrian street, and a meeting place for citizens. The medieval defensive bulwark was used to push back the Duke of Urbino’s troops in 1467.Subsequently it became a place for the local wagoners that lived here and took care of their animals after the hard work at the chalk caves.Here the famous “cracking” of the whip was born which today accompanies the musical bands, but at one time was used to urge on and drive the mules, and even to communicate over distances through codified cracking. Today the old Via degli Asini offers one of the most characteristic strolls of Brisighella.


Additional notes: As soon as you enter from the Porta delle Dame (beginning of Via degli Asini) it is possible to visit the prehistoric “casa” or house, called Boschi-Raggi, dug out of the rock and comparable to the Sassi di Matera. For information contact the local tourist board.


Source: local Staff of Terra di Faenza

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