Automobile Museum

San Martino in Rio - via Barbieri, 12

Automobile Museum


Entry price: € 5.00
Red. 3 €, free under 18 anni, over 65 anni and disabled


Always open
Friday, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Mondays of each month 9 pm - midnight. By appointment on other days.


Telephone: +39 0522 636133
FAX: +39 0522 636133


The museum was formed around the collection of Domenico Gentili in 1956, thanks to Giulio Campari and Emilio Storchi Fermi. The owners provide for restoration and maintenance of the vehicles, which are also used
in itinerant demonstrations. Amongst those on show are Margherita of Savoy's 1910 Zedel Laundalet, a 1935 Fiat NSU Ardita used by General Kesserling, a 1916 Ford Model T, an 1920 Itala 50 and a 1927 Ansaldo 4H. Among the motorcycles, a 1918 Indian Sidecar, the only one in Italy.


Source: Motor Valley

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