Basilica of St Prospero

Reggio Emilia - Piazza San Prospero

Basilica of St Prospero




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The Basilica and tower of San Prospero form an extraordinary scenic background when entering the town's most characteristic square where the traditional market takes place (Tuesday and Friday in the morning). When filled with stalls the space enclosed between the Cathedral apse, and the façades and arcades of sober palaces are brought alive. The interior of the Basilica is arranged in three naves in a Latin cross with a large dome. In the absidal bowl-shaped vault you can see the series of frescoes by Camillo Procaccini (artist from Bologna) depicting the "Last Judgement". With its refined craftsmanship, the valuable wooden choir stall (by the De Venetiis brothers in 1546), inlaid with country scenes, still lifes, city scenes, constitutes a masterpiece in the art of inlaying and marquetry which developed in Reggio Emilia from the middle of the 1400s. Six large columniferous lions from the beginning of the 1500s decorate the parvis, forming a valuable single group; they are attributed to Gaspare Bigi. Their original purpose is not absolutely clear.


Source: local Staff Reggio Emilia

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