Captain of the People's Palace

Reggio Emilia - Piazza del Monte

Captain of the People's Palace




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The palace was built in 1280 as headquarters of the Capitano del Popolo (government task close to the podestà), restored in 1432 and, as the initial tasks were over, was occupied by the Estensi who were ruling the town. In 1515 it became Cappello Rosso (Red Hat) inn, part of the adjacent building; in 1913 the inn became Hotel Posta whose restoration work finished in 1929. The large internal hall (Hall of the Defenders) was restored by rebuilding the king-post ceiling and recovering the preexistent decorations depicting heraldic shields or Saints' heads (XIV century).
The Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo is the most characteristic building in the heart of the town, long involved in the Reggio Emilia artistic, historic and political events.


Source: local Staff Reggio Emilia

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