"Cesare Zavattini" Naïves Arts National Museum

Luzzara - via Villa Superiore, 32




Always open
Saturday 10-12.30, 14.30-19, from Tuesday to Friday by appointment. Holidays 10-12.30 and 14.30-19


Telephone: +39 0522 977612
FAX: +39 0522 224830


The Naive-Art Museum, the only one in Italy dedicated to Cesare Zavattini, contains over 300 sculptures, paintings and graphic works by the following artists: Ghizzardi, Rovesti, Astarita, Covili, Lazzarini, Lovo, Galeotti and others.
The museum, founded in 1967 from an idea of Cesare Zavattini, shows many documents illustrating life and works of Italian and foreign Naives painters, such as pictures, drawings, engravings, books, newspapers, magazines, films, photos, slides, tapes, catalogues. There are also archives that may be consulted upon phone agreements. The museum promotes initiatives aimed to spreading the Naive Art and also organizes, every two years, the "Cesare Zavattini" National Naive Arts Prize.The museum, located in the '400 Agostinian monastery, near the Beata Vergine Annunziata church and cloister in Gothic-Romanesque style with frescoed dome vaults, was founded by Cesare Zavattini in 1967 together with the Naive Arts Prize.


Source: local Staff Reggio Emilia


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