Guastalla Municipal Museum

Guastalla - Corso Garibaldi, 33

Guastalla Municipal Museum


Entry price: € 3.00
red. 2 € and free up to 14 years


Always open
Saturday: 15-18.30 Sunday: 10-12.30 and 15-18.30 From Tuesday to Saturday: morning by reservation


Telephone: +39 0522 219853
FAX: +39 0522 839756


The ground floor of the museum building contains a multi-media and a multi-purpose room for educational workshops aimed specifically at schools. The museum takes visitors through four rooms, each corresponding to a specific historical period of the city. The first is dedicated to the origins of the territory, the second holds materials associated with the establishment of the town and the state, the third displays documents relating to the final stage of the Gonzaga period, and the fourth contains materials from current history and culture.


Source: local Staff Reggio Emilia


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