St. Peter Benedectine Cloister

Reggio Emilia - via Emilia San Pietro 44/C

St. Peter Benedectine Cloister




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The small Cloister was completed in 1524 by Bartolemeo Spani and by Leonardo Pacchioni and is of typical renaissance design. The large Cloister was built in 1584 by Prospero and Francesco Pacchioni. A number of paintings can be seen but unfortunately many of the decorations were covered by a layer of lime in the 1950's. The large Cloister presents an imposing setting, with the high loggia running along the length of the facades, densely decorated with statues and windows. In the Cloister's interior you can also see the Memorial for the Victims of the Risorgimento and of the 1st World war, as well as the historic Cavalry Force Room.


Fonte e foto: redazione locale di Reggio Emilia


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