Tricolour Hall

Reggio Emilia - Piazza Prampolini, 1

Tricolour Hall


Reservations required for groups. The hall is used frequently for weddings so please call in advance.


Always open
Weekdays: From Tuesday to Friday 9-12, Saturday 10-13 and 16-19. Holidays: Sunday 10-13 and 16-19.


Telephone: +39 0522 456586

Designed and made by Bologna engineer Ludovico Bolognini in 1774, it was planned as the Town Hall's archives; it was in this hall that on January 7, 1797, representatives of the free municipalities of Reggio, Modena, Bologna and Ferrara met to proclaim the Cispadane Republic, adopting the three colour green-white-red flag, later adopted in 1848 as the national flag (the prototype had horizontal bands). The Tricolour hall represents the town's civic commitment. Today, it is the seat of the Municipal Council. The town standard, decorated with a gold medal, is also kept here. The "Madonna della Ghiara" is depicted on one side, with Saints Prospero, Grisante and Daria; on the other side is the Town Hall coat of arms. The Town Hall is also used for weddings, conferences and other cultural events.

Every year, January 7, Reggio Emilia celebrates the anniversary of the proclamation of the Tricolour flag through civil, religious and cultural events.


Source: local Staff Reggio Emilia

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