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Amintore Galli Theatre




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In the origine the theatre was called "Teatro Nuovo" (the New Theatre) and it changed name in 1859 to Teatro Vittorio Emanuele II. Only later, in 1947, it was entitled to the composer Amintore Galli (1845-1919).


The project (1841-43) was signed by Luigi Poletti, who was an architect and engineer of the Papal States. The six originale tables of the project, which he submitted 29th January 1842 in Rimini, were lost during the earthquake 1916. However, there are 6 photographs (by Luigi Perilli) dating back to 1900 and five watercolor drawings of the original design.

The last performance of the theatre dates back to the carnival 1943 because afterwards much of the building was destroyed by the Second World War. The apse and the roof were collapsed, and about 90 percent of the auditorium and the stage were destroyed. The only part that remained almost undamaged is the foyer.

The auditorium with the stage and the gallery contained more than a thousand seats.

Luigi Poletti designed the Municipal Theatre of Rimini as a temple of music. He was inspired by the solemnity and magnificence of Roman temples and proposed a innovative style; a monumental building in a classic architecture (greek-roman), which distinguished the theatre from others in Europe in that period.

If a restoration was partly realized between 1997 and 2001, in 2010 the Municipality is programming a complete reconstruction of the theatre remaining as much as possible faithful to the original scheme although respecting the new security rules.

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