Fortress and museum of San Leo

San Leo - Via Giacomo Leopardi

Fortress and museum of San Leo


Entry price: € 8.00
Red.:€ 3, groups:€ 6


Always open
Winter: 9-18 Summer: 9-19, August until 23:00


Telephone: +39 0541 916306
FAX: +39 0541 926973
INFOLINE: +39 800 553800

It was a constant subject of contention in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, until conquered by Federico da Montefeltro in 1441. The fortress is a mighty defensive work designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini and seems to be an extension of the rocky crag on which it stands, a work of both Man and Nature combined, with a majestic beauty all its own. Under the rule of the Papal State the fortress of San Leo became a harsh forbidding prison: Count Cagliostro ended his days in its cells. And even after the unification of Italy in the nineteenth century, the fortress continued to be used as a prison, up until the year 1906. Now a museum, the fortress has collections of armour and weaponry, and visitors can also see the cells of famous prisoners and the impressive fortifications.

Free guide services for school parties, by prior arrangement.
Free guide service and shuttle bus for groups of adult visitors, by prior arrangement.

Source: local Staff Riviera di Rimini

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