Malatesta Fortress

Santarcangelo di Romagna - via Rocca Malatestiana, 4

Malatesta Fortress


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Historical references to the Fortress date back to the 9th century and recall Fredrick Barbarossa, the struggles between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines, the tragedy of Paolo and Francesca and the long seignory of Malatesta family (1248-1471). It was a Malatesta, more precisely Sigismondo Pandolfo, a man of letters, a warrior and an architect, who rebuilt the Rocca as a fortress. The work was completed in 1447 and left the complex as it still appears to this day. The fortress hopes, on the one hand to exploit the traditions of the area where it stands, one of the most interesting and best preserved sites in the hinterland of Romagna and on the other, to work in association with other national and international cultural centres, such as The Sigismondo

Currently closed for restoration works.
Not accessible to disabled guests

Source: local Staff Riviera di Rimini

Pic. T. Mosconi archivio fotografico dell'Assessorato al Turismo della Provincia di Rimini

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