Musas - Archaeological History Museum

Santarcangelo - via Della Costa, 26

Musas - Archaeological History Museum


Entry price: € 3.00
€ 2 Groups, 1 € schools. On Sundays, admission is free for all


Always open
Winter (1/11- 30/04): Sat and Sun 15:30 to 18:30, Tuesday, Thursday 9-15, Wed, Fri 9-12. Summer (1/05- 31/10): Tue to Sun 16:30 to 19:30, also 10:30 to 12:30 on Sat, Tue and Fri also 21-23 from June to September.


Telephone: +39 0541 625212
MOBILE: +39 0541 625212


The museum features sections on archaeology, history and art. The artistic section on the other hand, follows the history of the town of Santarcangelo from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century with paintings, stone fragments and architectural elements.
There are numerous works of art from the church of Saint Francis, including a famous polyptych by Jacobello da Bonomo of the Madonna on the throne with Child and Saints (1385) and a canvas of the Madonna with Child, Saint Francis, Saint George and a donor (1531) by the artist Luca Longhi from Ravenna.
One of the rooms is dedicated to the figure of Pope Clemente XIV who was born in the Santarcangelo and is considered one of the town’s leading citizens.


Source: local Staff Riviera di Rimini


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