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New Expo Centre

Rimini’s new Expo Center is one of Europe's most modern and up to date exhibition spaces.
The center, opened in 2001 and designed by Studio GMP of Hamburg, stands to the north of the city on a site covering a total of 460,000 square metres (160,000 sq.m of green space) and now is being served by an internal railway station on the Milan-Bari line.
Rimini Expo Centre covers 127.000 square metres of usable space, with an overall exhibition area of 82.000 sq.m, 12 air-conditioned pavilions, hospitality areas, technical and service areas, modulated meetings rooms with up to 730 seating capacity, a fully functional, technologically equipped control centre, a press room with national radio and television relaying centre, 10 restaurant service points and 9250 car parking spaces. One third of the entire number is equipped with camping services.
The Expo Centre is organised on a single level and is entirely cabled. With three different entrances it is possible to hold more than one event at the same time. The first major extension, due to be completed early in 2005, will increase the usable space to 164,000 sq.m of exhibition area, with 58,000 sq.m service areas).

Source: local Staff of Rimini

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