10 Reasons to add EmiliaRomagna on your travel bucket list

  • Bologna Arcades credits Simon Falvo

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Dreaming of Italy and wondering where to go on vacation?
For sure the well-known cities sush as Florence and Venice are iconic destinations, but if you are really seeking for something authentic and possibly avoiding frustraiting crowds still without missing valuable pieces of art, Emilia-Romagna is what to look for.

"Less known doesn’t mean less interesting. Hopping from one small city to the other, it doesn’t take long to see how special everyone is"

That's the opinion of the travel writer Simon who has spent time discovering the beauties of our region, and has written down for you 10 great reasons to add Emilia-Romagna on your travel bucket list. Follow her journey and find out that there's plenty of entertainment for everyone, from art-lovers to foodies ;)



Simon Falvo
Simon Falvo

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