BMX and MTB: riding extreme

  • Simone Barraco performing in Bologna - credits: RedBull

When it comes to two wheels is easier that the thinking runs between green meadows humming the "Song of the Sun" of italian songwriter Battisti that says: "The bikes abandoned on the grass and then the two of us lying in the shade" yet the cycling world is diverse and full of facets.  The fans of BMX and MTB know that very well, so riding on two wheels is actually really "dirt"

Forget the city bikes, stylish, thin with wide rims and dive with us in the mud of cycling pyrates.
To get a better idea of what we're about to tell you look at this amazing video: a presentation of the professional team RedBull performing in various architetural locations in an all Italian biketrip, passing through Bologna and the Adriatic Coast.

Back to the roots ... The BMX (bicycle motocross) were born in the late 60s in the United States, as imitation of the popular MotoCross and become almost immediately devoted to competition until the official recognition as an Olympic discipline, while the MTB (mountain bike trails) moved to a modification and development of the classic bike, in the next decade, for the cyclists' s need of racing in off-road paths.

Whether you are lovers of urban street-style, dedicated to the stunts in the city centers or that you'd be excited by the steep descent of the DownHill styles, the paths are countless, all positively overwhelming, and suitable to the individual needs of each rider.
Between Park and Trail the dirt road is the battlefield. We speak today of the two main realities in the Emilia-Romagna region that are making to themselves a name in the community, becoming a destination for fun and exercise for both amateurs and pros.

After Skull Trail
This is the name of the new track created in Gambettola, province of Cesena, in collaboration between diggers and riders who are also the owners of the same land on which it stands. The trail offers jumps (dirt jump) for all levels with various structures from stepup, pump truck, constructions up to 3 meters and a race rink.
For entry into the track there is a membership card available on the website with 5euro per day and 40euro annual, or the possession of a sportive insurance.

By now scene of contest with assets of high-level with 3 editions already done (which took place last weekend in the 15 to 16 June 2013) the After Skull Trail is the perfect place to challenge at freestyle, mixing technique and creativity with amazing breathtaking tricks within the dunes of Romagna's countryside.

Cimone Bike Park
The playground for bikers is placed in the frame of Mount Cimone, between the Apennines of Modena and the Regional Park of Frignano. It uses many paths dedicated to Freeride and All-mountain specialties, which makes of it a focal point in the panorama of mountain biking.
The strength points are definitely the 70 km along the paths which wind with different degrees of difficulty and the lifts: three chairlifts and a funicular railway with bike transport.
Already famous for the traffic of snowboarders who flock to the slopes during the winter season, these tracks are a warranty of satisfation. The opening season starts in May.

The extreme biking is part of all those unconventional sports that require a good dose of courage, a pinch of madness and love for adrenaline. It's made for strong stomachs and strong arms, so go fix the suspension of your bike and be careful not to bite the dust;)



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