A petrified scream and Renaissance in Bologna

  • The Lamentation, pic of P. Barone
  • The Lamentation, pic of P. Barone

The Lamentation, that was realized by Niccolò dell'Arca in the second half of the 15th century, is one of the most representative masterpieces of the Italian sculpture.


The artwork was originally cherished by an outer shrine, that was located just in front of a butcher's shop in vicolo dei Ranocchi. 

D'Annunzio saw it and was so fascinated by the "sublime yet terrible aspect" of the terracotta sculpture that he called it a petrified scream. 

Niccolò dell'Arca was also responsible for another famous masterpiece: The frieze of the marble ark of St. Dominic, which Niccolò took his name from. It is situated in the major church of the Dominican order, and its lower part was realized by Nicola Pisano. In 1494, after Niccolò died, the artwork was completed by Michelangelo, who lived and worked in Bologna for the noble Giovan Francesco Aldrovandi and who realized three sculptures for the Ark of St. Dominic.


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The texts are taken from the guide Art Cities in Emilia Romagna


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