Bologna's itinerary sketched by Paz

  • Zanardi character credit to Andrea Pazienza

Welcome to a special tour in the city of Bologna, built through the memories and sketches of a great artist: the graphic novelist and painter Andrea Pazienza

Mostly known with his nickname "Paz", the one he used to sign his works. This character has sketched the city's streets and, moreover, a generation, with all its turbulence and its excesses, drawing a portrait of a city and the youth culture he lived on his skin during the 70's and 80's.

The home location, in Pazienza's work, are the alleys, arcades, our famous porticoes and the heavy gates of the university. They are the scenic settings of his own experience, transposed on the boards of "Zanardi" comic, retracing emotionally the same cobblestones trod by Andrea himself.

Starting point is the address: number 223 of Via Emilia Ponente. The house was the refuge of Paz, in the red brick building whose walls were his shelter and in which he drew, for over 10 years, most of his adventures. Next we make a stop at the bar of Cirenaica's neighbornhood, where he was used to have breakfast without paying, but leaving everything on the open-bill which then he would have paid with a beautiful drawing.

But it is mainly the homes of his friends and loved ones the most popular places in Bologna where still there are somewhere his fingerprints. From the apartments in via Clavature occupied by Filippo Scozzari & Co., processed into a laboratory of comics and music that saw the first sketches of editorial such as "Cannibal" and "Frigidaire", while Freak Antoni gave life to the rock band "Skiantos". (In "Extraordinary Adventures of Pentothal", via Clavature will be crippled in Via Sewers, due to a phonetic similarity and a social critic).

Again, in the center of the university area, behind Piazza Verdi, the home of Bull, the home of the holidays, close to that of Marcello Jori. A livefully square carved into ancient buildings, still a meeting point for young students. Then we move to via Solferino, at Trattoria Trebbi, a traditional restaurant where he used to have lunch. Later in the evening, the urban legends remember him between pasta and beans at the tables of Moretto, the meeting place of all the young and known in those years. And still the nights of concerts, at the indoor stadium: the historic QBO (closed in 1987), and within art galleries where he exhibited his personal works or those classrooms where he taught as professor in via Corticella.
Then we end up making a jump in one of the taverns that still animate the nightlife of Via del Pratello. A long street, pedestrian, where music, wine and beer make dance the crowd of faces searching for fun in the night.

Maybe are countless the urban itineraries tracked by Andrea Pazienza in Bologna and walking through the ancient streets you can immersed youselves in the tales of an era that brings back to youth the adult of today, with the precise ad raw art of the myth that was Andrea Pazienza.



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