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Enjoying the EmiliaRomagna region without spending a fortune is possible. And not only that, it can be also extremely funny, unusual and will give you different emotions from what you've imagined.

We have written down a list of 10 things to do and magic places to visit with a very lowcost budget... or even for free! Beacuse EmiliaRomagna is a land of hidden gems, with a long history and a strong soul to drag and excite you.

A lot of "pearls" lost, forgotten or simply hidden in every corner await citizen, around a corner of the square, between the walls of a village or beyond the valley. In all the provinces you will find ideal spots to add to your itinerary, to see the city and its surroundings with the eyes of local people. This is a list for the tourist who wants to feel a bit like a resident and gives the trip a taste of home, of family, but is also good for those who already live there and had never noticed the simple pleasure of discovering their own land.

We start from Bologna, Villa Ghigi is a green oasis with free admission, to stroll and relax in. Moreover is perfect for a picnic overlooking the city, just outside the center it climbs up a hill, has vast spaces suited to the classic walk in the park with a great wow factor. Between a hedge and a fig tree you can see the contours of the city center, or just lay down on the grass under the first sun of Spring.

The excursion includes a stop in Modena for gourmand stomachs. Everyone knows that, among other things, is the home of the famous Modena balsamic vinegar, a gastronomic jewel of ancient tradition. A stop at the dedicated museum is a must to discover the secrets of its intense and unique flavor, aged for years with love and patience. The guided tour with final tasting costs only 4 euro.

In Ferrara, the city of bikes, rent one per person as soon as you arrive, and instead of tiring your feet, rides to the many bike trails located throughout the city. You can go anywhere, in half the time. Remember to pass under the famous Via delle Volte, even more romantic and mysterious with the evening lightings, then it will be like being transported back in time.

In the province of ReggioEmilia you know, we are on the holy ground of parmesan, the king of cheeses. Visit its museum, which is part of the circuit of the Food Museums, after the path between history and techniques of production and preservation of the legendary dairy product you can taste a sample, to test as true connoisseurs its uniqueness. The formula provides a Museum tour followed by a tasting for 5 euro.

Actually, the site is located in Soragna, in the province of Parma, about 60 km from Reggio, the advice is to have this experience and bring a little bit of Parmigiano to eat while walking around the city :)

Ravenna with its 8 World Heritage Sites protected by UNESCO is a place where you can breathe history at every step, and it has two folkloristic gems that will enrich your city route:
The Basilica of San Francesco, is free admission and has a underground crypt, because it is below the sea's level, in which lies as an ancient Atlantide the beautiful mosaic floor, complete of goldfishes to animate this unusual acquarium. It only costs one euro, which is symbolic, to throw inside the water to illuminate the cave.

Soon after, head to pay homage to a great poet, the tomb of Dante Alighieri does not require an entrance fee, just contemplation. So after you have been fullfilled with culture just let yourselves be inspired by the genius that rests, not without a touch of curiosity: the luminary of his grave is powered by olive oil.

The best thing to do for free in Rimini is walking on the beach. Whatever weather condition will paint the scenery of the sea lapping against the shore in original shades.
However, if you feel peckish a really lowcost and very rewarding activity would be eating the streetfood at the pier. An homemade piada, done at the moment, enjoyed sitting on a rock, before or after a crazy night in Rimini nightlife is always a good idea.
You do not know where to look? The first mapping of all the street food on the coast of Rimini is now available, you just have to find the place closest to you.

In the area of Forlì-Cesena the panoramic terraces of the Malatesta Fortress are ideal for late afternoon, with only 2 euros you can walk on the high walls of the stronghold and watch the breathtaking landscape from above, with the village at your feet and the valley to embrace you.

The duchy of Parma is a land of castles, ancient, glorious and mysterious, saturated with legends and history. If you do not have time to engage yourself in a tour we recommend the castle of Torrechiara, situated a few kilometers from the city is provided by transport services and guided tours at only the cost of 3 euro (further discounts are available with the official card of the duchy)

Can not be missable, for sportsmen and nature lovers, a right place for trekking. The natural area of the Piacenza's valley is rich in flora and fauna, perfect for walking, bike or horse trails. With the camera in one hand, you may even try and challenge yourselves at birdwatching. Look for the itinerary that suits you best in the regional park of Stirone, among the open-air museum and waterfalls, let's plunge into the culture of the environment.

In Faenza wait for midnight under the clock tower. A suggestive image for modern Cinderellas, but without the inconvenience of the escape ;). Take a good glass of Sangiovese wine, order a typical basket of gastronomic delights from the surrounding hills, and cheers in this will give you a romantic flavor, totally cost-free, to the usual aperitif.

We promise you a unique adventure with a touch of folklore and definitely a lot of emotion at almost no cost.
Obviously many places full of magic are hidden in our cities, we would like you to enrich this emotional itinerary, in the name of a tourism felt with the heart and lived among the innumerable personal experiences.



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