Faenza ceramic-ware

  • 58  Premio Ceramica  - Nero, Alessandro Neretti

During the Renaissance period, Faenza became very famous for the production of splendid pottery works that were exported all over Europe. 

Since 1500, Faenza has been synonymous with the "faience" ceramic-ware (French translation of Faenza) to which it gave its name. Its traditional arts and crafts have been perpetrated for over five centuries now, and Faenza keeps producing unique items that are sold in the city's over 50 pottery workshops. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy outstanding experiences: Skilled artists welcome them inside their laboratories and illustrate the secrets of their work, from lathe manufacturing to decoration. 

The city is livened up by plenty of amazing ceramic-related shows and events: Every two years, during the first September weekend, the most talented artists meet on the occasion of the so-called "Mondali Tornianti", and take part in challenging technical competitions, while the best European craftsmen participate in "Argillà Italia", an international exhibition gathering more than 200 exhibitors, and Raku ware experts visit the dedicated "Rakuriosi" event.


AC Staff
AC Staff

The texts are taken from the guide Art Cities in Emilia Romagna


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