International Ceramics Museum [MIC]

  • MIC, Italian Renaissance room

Founded in 1908 by Gaetano Ballardini, MIC (International Ceramics Museum) cherishes the largest ceramic collection in the world.

Apart from gathering important Italian and European artworks dating back to the period comprised between the Middle Ages and the nineteenth century, the museum also contains important sections dedicated to pre-Columbian America, Classical Greece, Roman Age, Near and Middle East and Islamic ceramics. Special sectors are dedicated to the ceramic works realized by the most acclaimed Italian and international 20th-century and contemporary artists. 

The museum also includes a dedicated library, the educational laboratory "Giocare con l'Arte", that is managed following Bruno Munari's method, and the workshops, that are in charge of restoring heritage works. Since 1938, MIC has hosted "Premio Faenza", that became an international event in 1963 and is now regarded to be one of the major recognitions in the world. The last three editions were dedicated to young under-40 artists, in order to promote an innovative approach to contemporary ceramic art. MIC has recently been appointed symbol of peace by UNESCO.


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