Cycling from Venice to Ferrara

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Travelling through Italy, from one city to another might be challenging, in a matter of time schedule, due to all the historical beauties that our art cities have to offer to tourists, but you don't have to take high speed trains or rent a car to see everything...Why not to make the transfer itself an exciting travel experience? There is another interesting and very much eco-friendly way to move along italian paths, saving money and quickly turning your journey into a real adventure : the bicycle!

"Reaching Ferrara in the Po river delta from Venice is not that difficult, and suitable for almost everyone as the level route is mainly along minor roads"

Follow the link below to dicover the itinerary from the romantic city of Venice to the ancient and suggestive Ferrara (called the city of bicycles) surrounded by the nature, cycling next to the quiet of rivers following their way down to the Adriatic Sea. Many more itineraries are available and suitable for every travel ideas, just let be inspired :)



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