The city of bicycles

For each access of the city is place a sign with the words "Ferrara city of bicycles" with a citation of accession to the European network of bike-friendly cities "Cities for Cyclists" and the recognition of UNESCO World Heritage City.

Ferrara gathers 85 kilometres of cycle paths and 120.000 bicycles, and 25% of people travel by bike, what makes Ferrara one of the cities with the highest density of bicycles in the world. The bike is more than a simple means of transport, it is a way of life. The old town, that is one of the largest in Europe, cannot be entered by vehicles, and the city’s thick network of cycle paths consists of enchanting greenways that develop from the city centre up to the right banks of the river Po.

The city’s most fascinating itinerary is that revolving around the walls, a 9-km-long red brick itinerary that surrounds the entire city centre. The city walls are part of an ancient defensive system that also includes the rampart and shaded embankments, as well as bulwarks of different shapes and ages, embrasures, passages and entrance gates. The 1526 Angeli Gate was used by the last Duke of Ferrara in 1598, when the city was given to the Pope and the d’Este Court moved to Modena.


AC Staff
AC Staff

The texts are taken from the guide Art Cities in Emilia Romagna


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