Bagno di Romagna and game fishing

  • Lago Pontini Parco delle Foreste Casentinesi credits: Luca Argalia in CC via Flickr

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Discovering the natural beauties of EmiliaRomagna is a never-ending game that we really love to play, and we assure you'll love too. They may not be countless, even if there are plenty of green naturalistic areas spread through out the region, anyway always comes out a new perspective to look at the same landscape's spectacle that makes it look like brandnew :)

So this time we'll bring you walking on the gentle paths immersed into wilderness of the Casentinesi Forest National Park, and crossing villages, hiking trails we'll lead you to relaxing spots at the lakes to try the emotion of fishing surrounded by mountains.

Wondering where? In a location called Bagno di Romagna "a little cosy town lying on the Appennine mountains. It is the ideal destination for a relaxing holiday as it can offer visitors history, wellness, wild nature, tasty food and religious meditation"




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