Hidden treasures of Vintage

  • Archivio Abiti A.N.G.E.L.O. Foto Courtesy R. Manzotti

Art and fashion, artists and fashion designers: there is a subtle relationship of mutual contamination between these two creative worlds that explore each other in a continuous game of overlaps and collaborations, blurring the boundaries between these two well-defined worlds.

From haute couture clothes, considered real works of art, to the cutting-edge stylistic proposals of the great designers, from the fashion creators’ retrospectives which invade the halls of museums with collections that burst into modern art galleries with genius and style.

A long journey that begins in the mid-19th century with the English couturier Charles Frederick Worth and is brought up to the present day: just think of Chanel’s palette-clothes which are mixed up with the works of art inside the Grand Palais in Paris. It is perhaps because of this hybrid and unique process that fashion exceeds its primarily aesthetic function revealing a socio-cultural value of which there is an evident trace in Emilia Romagna.

In the province of Ravenna, in Lugo, you can access a systematic catalogue of the heritage related to fashion by booking a visit to one of the most interesting and complete archives of the sector at national and international level set on two floors inside the A.N.G.E.L.O. VINTAGE PALACE. This is a real museum of style where clothes and accessories of different eras, from the end of the 19th century until the end of the last century, are collected and exposed; they have been selected according to precise and rigorous classification parameters, including for example the brand, the modelling and the materials, which are able to narrate the past and hand down fragments of history into the present.


A real heritage of attractive rarity, source of information for teachers and students of the sector and place of inspiration for designers in search of trends, for major film and television productions and Masters of the lens (from Bruce Weber to Helmut Newton, passing through Paolo Roversi and Walter Chin), which brings together about hundred thousand garments and accessories from all over the world.

Prestigious and numerous artistic collaborations which start from this curious and fascinating place in Romagna, which has now become one of the great reference points not only for the international fashion system but also for the world of small and big screen and music, which here draws to pack the look of artists such as, among others, Vasco Rossi, Laura Pausini, Jovanotti and Cesare Cremonini. The world of information has been attracted by this charming container in which style, art, fashion and history meet and blend, which has even gained the attention of the famed New York Times, in addition to the many publications collected on the pages of the best magazines, starting from Vogue.



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