Learn how to make mosaic: classes and schools in Ravenna

In Ravenna, today it is still possible to learn how to “make mosaic” according to the ancient Roman and Byzantine techniques. Classes, workshops and schools hand down to students from around the world this age-old knowledge in real art workshops, revisiting them in the light of modern art and design.

Ravenna is the city of mosaics. From Roman times, going through the Byzantines and the Christian sacred art, Ravenna’s wisdom of mosaic art has been handed down by craftsmen and city’s countless art workshops for generations; there is therefore no coincidence that some of the most famous and qualified mosaic schools in the world, attended by students and artists of all nationalities, were born, developed and established here.

We have already told you the story of the birth and development of the mosaic in Ravenna. What we would like to do here is instead telling you about private schools in Ravenna, where, still today, the ancient techniques of composition and cutting of the tiles are perpetuated and where anyone who wishes to learn the art of mosaic can find that kind of knowledge and know-how that only a thousand-year history can provide.

Cooperativa Mosaicisti Ravenna

Founded in 1947 by a group of mosaic craftsmen who were already active in the historic "workshop of mosaic", the “Cooperativa Mosaicisti Ravenna” carried out the renovation of the mosaic decorations of the main Italian Byzantine churches. The main activities of the Cooperative are the preservation and renovation of mosaics and the creation of works on commission, especially with regard to Architecture and Design. In addition, the history of the artistic collaborations of the Cooperative is long and prestigious: from Guttuso to Zancarano, Schifano, Kokoschka, many contemporary artists have chosen the craftsmen of the Cooperative for the implementation of their works. Today the Cooperative organises mosaic classes of all levels where, besides learning the cutting of tiles and mosaic techniques, one has the opportunity to follow the work of famous mosaic craftsmen.

KOKO Mosaico

Koko Mosaico is a workshop located near the old town centre, especially equipped with themed books and a large photographic archive. They organise weekly courses of different types and levels, in which you learn each phase of mosaic implementation. Each course includes guided visits to Ravenna’s monuments, public collections and major works of art in the city. Given the international interest in the mosaic technique, the courses, which take place in Koko Mosaico, are in Italian, Japanese and English language

Laboratorio di Mosaico - Enzo Scianna e Valeria Mazzarol

The main activity of the “Laboratorio Mosaico di  Enzo Scianna e Valeria Mazzarol” is the organization of mosaic classes in all their applications. Here you can experience the atmosphere of the ancient workshop, where teachers personally followed their students. At the "Laboratorio di Mosaico” you can also arrange customised classes, structured on the needs and level of the applicant.


“LaboratorioMosaico” offers the opportunity to learn and improve the mosaic techniques and is addressed to everybody, both to those who are new to this art and those who want to improve by working in a family-environment workshop in Ravenna. “LaboratorioMosaico” does not organize courses or classes but “workshop days” which integrate manual works, visits to the main city monuments, lectures and real composition workshops. 

Mosaic Art Studio - Luciana Notturni  

For over thirty years this school has been handing down tools and techniques of the ancient Roman and Byzantine craftsmen. The mosaic courses, in Italian and English, take place in a real workshop, where you can count on a wide range of colours and materials, and where there is a small theme library.

P.R.P. Restauro e Mosaici d'Arte 

P.R.P. Mosaici d’Arte organises group or individual mosaic courses for both beginners and those who want to improve the art of composing tiles. The courses include theoretical and practical modules and tutorials on copies of ancient mosaics, personal creations and applications on furniture and design items.

Pixel Mosaici

The workshop Pixel Mosaici organises mosaic courses, most of them lasting one week, from basic to advanced levels. The classes are in various languages ​​(Italian, French, English and Spanish) and even here students have access to a rich library for their artistic research on themes and styles. All courses include visits to the monuments of Ravenna and at the end of the course it is possible to request a "kit" with traditional tools with which you can put into practice the techniques learnt, also on your own.

SISAM - Scuola Internazionale di Studi d'Arte del Mosaico e dell'Affresco

The School offers summer workshops on the mosaic art for all levels. The workshops provide training days on the mosaic history alternated with material’s cutting tests and works’ implementation. Moments of in-depth studies on mosaic language’s meanings in history are also offered to students of basic and advanced courses. Guided tours to the main monuments of Ravenna are provided for all courses’ participants.




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