A journey through the "Terramare"

  • Montale, open-air museum

A jump back to the prehistoric era just in the heart of Terramare, the legendary fortified village area that occupied the Po valley in the Bronze Age

The tour could start from the Archaeological Park and Open-air Museum of Terramare di Montale, that give visitors the possibility to admire ancient archaeological excavations and the outstanding full-size reproduction of part of a prehistoric village including original fortifications, production areas and furnished houses equipped with vases, tools, weapons and decorations dating back to 3500 years ago. 

Archaeology lovers won’t miss the opportunity to discover precious vestiges from the past, that date back to the period of time comprised between the prehistory and the Middle Ages, as well as to explore the important documents cherished by Modena's Archaeology-Ethnological Civic Museum. Precious finds and remains have recently been unearthed in the city, such as those which were discovered during the extensive works carried out in order to build the new Novi Park parking area. The archaeological site includes an entire street flanked by funerary monuments, rural houses, production areas and large landfill sites that belonged to a peripheral quarter of the Roman colony of Mutina.



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Lo Staff

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