Two prodigies for one museum

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Genius and daring creativity inspire the MEF, exhibition structure where past and future meet to tell the talent of Enzo Ferrari, manufacturer of dream cars that have become a myth.

This vanguard of thought and style has inspired the design of the exhibition structure dedicated to him and created by Jan Kaplický, internationally known "archistar" appreciated for the originality of his works. The challenge and the desire for revolution – which are translated into ability to combine in all projects innovation , functionality and efficiency in the name of excellence – are the thin, yet solid, thread which binds two men and entrepreneurs as Ferrari and Kaplický, who ideally meet at MEF.

The visit to this museum complex in Modena develops through two buildings, one opposite the other, and the advice is to start with "breathing the homely atmosphere": thanks to a faithful renovation, they became the original body of the building where Enzo Ferrari lived and the workshop where he spent his childhood, surrounded by engines and sweet ham. They illustrate the story of a man, a pilot and then an entrepreneur through a narration made ​​of memorabilia and photographs, multimedia screens and historical documents.

Next to this building, full of a personal but at the same time territorial culture, there is a futuristic gallery which on the one hand masterfully celebrates the genius of Enzo Ferrari, honouring his passion and talent, and on the other hand mentions the motoring soul of the Motorvalley of Emilia Romagna . With the original architectural choice of the shape, clearly inspired by the hood of high-performance cars, and with the yellow colour, symbol of Modena but also of the legendary Ferrari cars, Kaplický has masterfully enclosed within an architectural project a story of passion through the stylistic code of revolution .


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