Not only Lambrusco e SanGiovese

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Enzo Ferrari never renounced his Lambrusco and Federico Fellini always wanted a glass of Sangiovese on the table.

But Emilia Romagna also has the flavour of malt and hops, giving homage to the history of a territorial identity that is rooted in time with more than 200 labels of craft beer produced in the 40 microbreweries of the region.

The first Italian cultivation of hops was started in the area of Forlì and this story today continues and renews through the short supply chain, the organic self-productions of raw materials and experimental cultivation of new varieties of hops, such as those undertaken by some brewers between Fidenza and Tabiano, which gave rise to beers produced in limited editions according to the availability of raw materials.

Just like Lambrusco and Sangiovese, these beers are the daughters of the territory in which they were born: light like a kiss given between bathing huts at the sea, soft like a donut on the beach at dawn, bright like a dance hall, simple like things that give flavour to life in Emilia Romagna.

The most famous ones are the labels dedicated to the great Masters born and grew up with the air of Romagna, that is to say Federico Fellini  and Tonino Guerra, which tell, among scents and colours, about the art, culture and fantastic heritage typical of Romagna.

Also seasonal beers and the labels produced by breweries in closed supply chain, that is, using organic barley and hops locally grown, are deeply tied to this land.

And it is right on the route of high quality, a choice shared by all small brewers of the region, that some special labels produced through aging in oak barrels have distinguished themselves by winning prominent awards and medals in prestigious national and international contexts, such as the competition “Birra dell’anno 2013” by Unionbirrai at the European Beer Star. Finally, locally-produced beer, re-fermented in bottle, pulls out all the great territorial appeal: this beer adds to traditional ingredients the salt from Cervia, a natural resource which has always been undisputed feature of typicality, because the DNA of Emilia Romagna has never changed: bold ideas that people’s dynamism turns into products with original style, unique taste, good and genuine flavour.




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