Parish Churches of Thò and San Pietro in Sylvis

  • Parish of Thò pic in CC of Ghiandol

The parishes along the old Roman road

The eight-mile-long Roman route that once connected Faenza with Tuscany is dominated by the most ancient parish church of the valley of the river Lamone, that is known as Thò from the original name of San Giovanni in Ottavo. Its origins are deeply interwoven with the empress Galla Placidia, who commissioned its building over the remains of an ancient temple dedicated to Jupiter Ammon. The parish church still retains the important finds and remains that were unearthed in the surrounding area, among which an ancient oil press.

The parish Church of San Pietro in Sylvis, that rises a very short distance from Bagnacavallo, is a classical example of the architectural style of the Byzantine Exarchate. It was erected a short distance from an ancient Roman temple dedicated to Jupiter, and rises along the southern banks of the ancient marshlands, the former via dei Romei. The inner frescoes were realized by Pietro da Rimini, the major exponent of the Giotto School of Rimini. The most important artwork is the "Madonna dal profilo dantesco", that bears witness to the passage of Dante in Bagnacavallo.


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