Cycling to the Castle of Torrechiara

  • Castle of torrechiara credits to BiancaBauza

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Cycling in EmiliaRomagna can be a surprising chance to discover both nature and culture, in one shot.

"During my first visit to Parma, I was enchanted by how much its citizens love bikes; all over the city’s center bicycles roam freely and rule the streets"

This is the experience told by the adventurous globetrotter Bianca, during her trip from the city of Parma through magical green surroundings to reach the famous castle of Torrechiara.

Follow her cycling uphill towards the castle, and be enchanted by its combination of medioeval elements and Italian Reinassance with frescoes decorations :)




Bianca Bauza
Bianca Bauza

Travel blogger obsessed with photography, she's a free spirit and an adventure seeker based in the Netherlands TW @nomadbiba

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