The cheesiest tour of Parmigiano

  • Azienda Parmigiano di Jaillan Yehia

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"It seems a long time ago now, but do you remember the bad old days when our idea of Parmesan was limited to that powdery substance we’d sprinkle on spaghetti through tiny holes in the top of a cardboard container?"

Came out from the gastronomic Middle Ages this is Jaillan's discovery of Parmigiano, the real one, through every step of the production in a culinary handicraft factory, which now is in its third generation family's run.

Read the full story of her experience at the following link to the original article, it's going to be mouthwatering.




Jaillan Yehia
Jaillan Yehia

She's a woman with travel in her blood, with multi-ethnic roots, she grew up between boats, trains, and travel stories. Still living and breathing the thrill of foreign places Tw: @SavoirThere

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