Tondo by Botticelli

  • Tondo by Botticelli

"Madonna Adoring the Child with St. John the Baptist" by Alessandro Filipepi, known as Botticelli (1483-87)

Madonna and Child look at each other thoughtfully, calmly meditating on the events to come, while San Giovannino lifts his arms to reach for Mary’s hand: This is the scene depicted by this famous painting, the Virgin contemplating her son and a rose garden and quiet Leonardo-style landscape in the background. 

Botticelli depicts the transparency of the veil of the Madonna with the utmost elegance, that comes to her shoulders forming superimposed folds: It seems possible to perceive the soft breeze that slightly moves the veil. The natural gesture of the Child derives from Flemish models, but also reminds of his circumcision as a descendant of David. Not to be missed is the splendid original frame, that was carved and then gold plated. This outstanding masterpiece is the pride of the rich collections cherished by the Civic Museums of Palazzo Farnese.



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AC Staff

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