A very special outdoor ride

  • Salina al tramonto di Matteo Pezzi in CC

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Strolling around the area of Cervia the first thing you may notice, alongwith the landscape, is the salty air fulfilling your lungs.
That frizzy wind comes very much likely from the Cervia's Salt Pans.

"The Cervia salt pan is un untouched place that reminds us how valuable salt is and what an amazing work has to be done to extract it from the sea"

Here is a descriptional tour, starting from the ancient times, with bites of history and new usefull informations about the location and the Visitor Center, which is the starting point for a suggestive guided visit in the major pans, including the museum where  production is still handcrafted, using wooden tools and traditional methods.

This original outdoor activitiy is available for the whole summer, come read more at the link below :)

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