Singing the May

  • Busana, Valle del Secchia

The province of Reggio-Emilia is a land of authentic traditions, like its "Dramatic May", that is deeply connected with the medieval chansons de geste


The May is an example of a popular theater combined with the classical tradition. It's opportunity to experience the knightly atmosphere that is staged through song and music.

Typical of the Apennine region extending between Emilia and Tuscany, it is a costume representation in sung verses that is typically accompanied by musical instruments, such as violins, accordions and guitars. Mentioned by Dante and Bernardo Bertolucci in his Novecento, it is even celebrated by the dedicated museum of Villaminozzo, that is complemented by the museum of cribs in the nearby Gazzano.

The mountain resort of Cervarezza di Busana cherishes another curious traditional museum dedicated to cork processing, that bears witness to the deep existing connection between local shepherds and Tuscany, where the raw material was purchased.


AC Staff
AC Staff

The texts are taken from the guide Art Cities in Emilia Romagna


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