Fellininian routes around Rimini- Interview with Patrizio Roversi

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Emilia Romagna is a region that reflects perfectly a more general Italian feature: highest variability and cultural, aesthetic and landscape biodiversity!

In a relatively small area there is a great landscape variety: mountains and hills alternate with plain areas full of art cities until reaching the sea and the coast. Tourists in Emilia Romagna have plenty of interesting and different possibilities: excellences are represented by the historical centres of Bologna, Ferrara and Parma, but also of Reggio Emilia, Modena and Piacenza.

Here tourists find the mountains - just think of Mount Cimone - to ski or take long walks in the woods; they find hills, such as the park of Roccamalatina...And obviously the coast, with its great series of attractions. 

And once on the coast, I would like to get to Rimini, where I lived my last interesting experience as a tourist. The trip was organized by Fondazione Fellini, in collaboration with the Town Council, the Province of Rimini and Assalti al Cuore: a Fellinian itinerary in the historical town centre, where I really was a tourist. 

A special kind of tourist, though. I was the group leader! That is to say, the one who guides the entire group with his umbrella lifted up. In our case, I – besides the umbrella- also had a small train, on which all the participants were sitting.

One of those little trains that drive across the town centres and which can be find in amusement parks.

There were also other people, following us by bike and on foot, who have decided to take part in our Fellinian tour in their own way.

A necessary premise is that tracing a Fellinian itinerary in Rimini is quite complicated: Fellini was born in Rimini and lived there till he was 19, therefore all his childhood and youth. This town has represented the subject of his creativity, inspiring him in every sense. Nonetheless, Fellini has never shot a movie in Rimini, not even a little part. Rimini has inspired him but in an extremely fantastic and free way.... The itinerary was really interesting, because we have seen concrete things that have brought to mind abstract fantasy products. Exactly the opposite of what happens when visiting Disneyland or similar places, where you see fake landscapes but which are perfectly reconstructed to look real. 

To those who would like to follow a Fellinian itinerary in Rimini, I would suggest to start from Borgo San Giuliano. We have started right there, from the square of the church of San Giuliano, since it represents the identity of the town. San Giuliano was a village, settled over the canal, of fishermen, workers and artisans. It was inhabited by poor people who have always had a strong identity. They represented the sense of rebellion, solidarity and – again - identity of Rimini. Actually, this is the place that mostly celebrates Fellini, because there are some murals inspired by his movies. Here, we have read some texts about the city written by the director, which were as contradictory as his nature. 

"All my life I have been shooting a movie about my country. In Rimini I was born, in every sense. The Fulgor cinema, the tastes of the cuisine, the empty open space of the sea, the charm of women. For me, all wonders come from here. What would I have been without Rimini? What would I have been without the dreams it gave me? Here, the land and the sea are a big screen that turns on. My movies have travelled around the world, but perhaps I never moved, I have never left. I joined the hands of all my audience, I took them to taste the enchanting places of my childhood. In this sweet and comfortable corner of Romagna, where learning to dream is still possible"



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